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Retail Merchandising

Segura Trading services hundreds of around the United States customers everyday, providing consumers with the affordable high quality products, in which they demand, deserve, and love.

Retail marketplaces

Wholesale Trading

Segura Trading supplies businesses across the US with the merchandise, that their business requires to thrive; including many products within the industries of home & garden and sports & outdoors.

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Segura Trading is the designer and manufacturer of a number of product lines, including the Peel-N-Toss cajun crawfish table, the Pig Out gravity deer feeder, and the GroClone hydroponic plant cloning system.

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Moving Products into Emerging Marketplaces

Put your product in the right space, for the right customer, and watch as we help you to increase sales & market-share.

Segura Trading specializes in putting products in the places, your customers are searching & using. Their marketing team is dedicated to finding solutions to difficult, competitive industries, by finding & dominating space in emerging marketplaces. Let Us Distribute Your Products
  • Everyday, we strive to search for new innovations & inventions that will make the lives of our customers and many others, to be more effective, efficient, happy, fun, & safe. Being able to effect a life is an amazing thing, and I am honored to be able to do so.  
    Ernest 'Butch' Segura
    Innovations for the Future
  • We are dedicated to going above and beyond the normal standards, of product preparation prior to shipment to final fulfillment centers, because we've got a duty to our customers and ourselves, to bring the highest level of product, that we can possible give.  
    Whitney Segura
    Above and Beyond
  • One of the best benefits I have of working at Segura Trading, is the ability to create life long relationships with my customers, co-workers, and business to business partnerships & associates. These people are the key, that I attribute to the success and growth I have had, in business & in life, today.
    Stewart Anthony Segura
    Creating Life Long Relationships


Segura Trading employs over 7 people who live & work in Lafayette, LA US. and 1 full-time employee from the Philippines.
Do you live in the Lafayette, Louisiana area? Interested in a new career? Contact us, job openings are available.